Talk less, fight more

Why I fight?

Here is a legit question than I wonder myself sometime, as well as my family or my coworker. And indeed why? Why we go trough so much pain and sacrifices just for the fun? Let’s share with you my though on this.

This is the only thing I learned (and will) all my life

I’ve start going on the mats of Judo when I was seven, and I loose many times against many different people. But somehow I always went back to the mat. In this time during tournaments I was always under a huge amount of stress and eventually lose because of this. But more important this experience confronted me with this feeling in relatively safe way.

Turn out one day I start to learn how to deal with a pressure of a fight and even enjoying this. This help me a lot outside the gym, during my studies and job. Indeed I noticed the stress of a test or job interview was really similar than going into a fight.

Among many things, martial art teach me how to be patient, for practical reason (you can wait the all day for one fight), or strategical reason (The right technique in the wrong time is the wrong technique). And be patient today could be really useful.

I also found an endless source of learning, and that’s why I never get bored doing martial arts. There is always a position, a submission, a strike to learn or to try.

You can even re discover every day what you already know.

One other thing I did not expect to find in this kind of environment is friendship. In every gym I went I could see the respect and the desire to play among practitioner. Even in tournament you can met really friendly people and connect with guys that tried to “kill” you 5 minutes earlier.

Fight is sandbox for life

Fighting is really similar to life: you take risk, you get reward or you loose. It’s like living intensively during 5 minutes. You are focus and you will go with everything you have, use every tools you’ve learned to achieve your goal. At the end It’s lot to take away for life outside the mats, and I’m grateful for that.

Off course many people fight for different reasons, but it’s just my opinion. And I could talk about this for days, and you? Do you fight and why?

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