Talk less, fight more

The best self defense technique

What is a ultimate self defense system? After many years of practicing different martial art, I can name the best self defense system in the world: And it’s your brain, let’s see what you can do with it?

First let’s see what self-defense. It’s about keeping you safe and healthy in your current environment. If you never been into a fight, you have a home, food and you are healthy, you have been using successfully self defending yourself till now.

Off course life is not always a safe road, and there is many situation where you can be in danger, however fighting will be most likely the worst option.

Let’s say somebody follow you, before to fight you have different options. First you can ask this person, in a public place, what does he want. If you are close to a police station you can go in and see what your stalker will do.

The point is in a single situation you always have different options, but you need to be able to think clearly and to not let your fear guide you. Fear can be a really devastating if you do not know how to deal with it. Some people simply freeze, or some people will do crazy things, in both case the outcome will be bad. When your life is in danger you need to be able to do rational choice, and pick them.

Also your MMA training (if you have one) do not protect you from knifes, guns or severals opponent at once. And if you have no idea about the all situation you are going to lose:

Under the wrong circumstances every one can loose.

So that’s why I think there is many situation where fighting is the worst choice. And before fighting you have many options much more safe, and much more effective to keep yourself safe. Not locking scared can be enough. You can also run away. And if fighting is your last option, you can also train MMA to be ready for this outcome. However do not forget to be aware of your environment and see what you can use.

Self defense is a topic on his own but it always depend on one single “muscle”: Your brain…