Talk less, fight more

Update the software, protect the hardware

I met once a really good grappler, this guy used to be boxer, and one of surprising thing of this fighter it’s how fast he reached the top level of grappling. So I asked him how? Here is the answer.

Drill, drill and roll technical

You need to repeat over and over the technique you want to use, and try to roll light as often as possible. Really straightforward, right? Why it works? Couples of reasons come to me:

  • First, drilling over and over allow you to perform moves without having to think about the execution. In a fight the less time you spend on the technique the more you focus on the strategy.

  • Rolling light allow you to experiment more, doing mistake lead to learn much more. Ultimately you will open your game to more and more possibility.

  • Rolling light have the benefit of preventing injuries, and the healthier you are the more you can train.

  • Rolling hard can have some benefit (conditioning mental and body), but in a technical point of view you will focus only on your best move and the chance to include new element in your game will be really low

  • Also training light allow you to have fun. Having fun is a really powerful way to improve in any field.

Even if the answer seems really simple, I try to apply this advice to myself. It is not easy every day because my ego is on the way. A good win even in training , but I think it worth to try.

I will sum up by quoting one of my coach:

Update the software, protect the hardware…